Director Message

Shri Girja Shanker Prasad, Managing Director, Graduate in Commerce, resident of Patna City. The founding father with strong business vision with full dedication and dynamism, gave the company a momentum, modernized and developed its infrastructure and extended the business.The company,in a few years, achieved astounding height of success with the set up of 4 (four) furnaces. His professional skill and tact, decision making ability, strong management and result oriented approach reflect in his dealings and decisions concerning business affairs of the company. Immensely experienced, enjoying good fame and credibility In commercial hub. He is also Director of M/s Kasera Iron & Steels Pvt. Ltd. And partner of M/s Kasera Warehouse.

His sincere, devotional and active involvement in social activities is an appreciating trait of his personality.


Obtained Environmental Clearance from SEIAA Bihar vide F. No. SIA/3(a)/449/17 dt. 24.08.2018 with Total Capacity (MS Billet):- 76800 MT/Annum


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